Felixstowe Congress – 5th/6th October 2013

First For Bridge Sponsor Felixstowe Congress

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The Suffolk committee is delighted to announce its partnership with local specialist holiday company, First For Bridge, part of Arena Travel.

First For Bridge are supporting the Felixstowe Congress in a number of ways:

See Arena Travel's website and their specialist bridge holidays under the First For Bridge banner.

Dates and Details

This year's Congress is on Saturday and Sunday, 5th & 6th October at the Pier Leisure Centre Felixstowe

The format is unchanged from the successful recipe of recent years:

Enter using our online entry.

There are full details in the entry form.

Great Deals for Suffolk Members!

Free Entry!

As it did last year, the county has a number of incentives for local players. If you have never played in the congress before and you are a member of a Suffolk club, then your entry could be absolutely free – that could be worth as much as £35!

Each of Suffolk's clubs has four free passes, each giving the recipient free entry to the Pairs or the Swiss Teams. That means a pair could play the whole weekend for free, or that the benefit could be spread around – it's up to your club.

And if you've played before?

Like last year, if you're a member of a Suffolk club you can get a discounted entry. Again, through your club; each has a priority application form that gives the player a discount and a club a modest incentive too.

How do you get all these goodies? Ask at your club!. If you enter online you'll see how to select your club and we'll chase you up.

Partners Found

Need a partner or team-mates for the Congress? As in past years we have a partnership desk, run by the Congress Secretaries. Drop a line to who will also answer any questions you might have.

Host Pair Needed

We would very much like to avoid a half-table on either day. Accordingly if you would like to stand as hosts, your entry will be free. If you are not required then we will extend that free-entry to any future Suffolk event. If you are interested, please get in touch with the Congress Secretaries, Jeff Orton and Chris Rickard via .